What is Grey Area Drinking?

There’s a place, a spectrum if you like, between social drinking and alcohol dependence, known as Grey Area Drinking. 

Think of a scale of 1-10 or BLACK & WHITE – where being at ‘1’ or in the ‘Black’ zone is at the lowest end of alcohol dependency, in need of medical intervention.  On the other end of the spectrum is ‘10’ or the ‘White’ Zone, those who can take it or leave it or are just every now and again drinkers, the occasional wedding or Christmas celebration.  But in between, and to quote Janey Lee Grace from her TEDX talk “Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew”, “there’s more than 50 shades of grey and some of them are not so sexy!”

On the outside, and to those around you, everything seems fine. But on the inside, you know! You struggle constantly with the private anguish and internal dilemma but can’t see a solution.

How can you possibly live without wine/alcohol?  You need it to relax, socialize, treat yourself after a hard day, celebrate, commiserate, even get to sleep.  But you know it’s having an adverse effect on your health and maybe even your relationships and want to find a way to stop drinking. 

I get it!   I’ve been there!

Something has to change …. So, what’s next?

How I Can Help You